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Instructions for Authors


Papers may come from any country but must be written in Standard English

Types of Publications
Open Access Pub supports online publication of original Research Papers, Reviews, Letters, Editorials, Case Reports and Short Communications.

How to Submit your Manuscript? 

To submit your manuscript online (which helps in faster processing)Click Here or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at [email protected]  A manuscript acknowledgement number will be emailed to the corresponding author within 72 hours.
Follow the simple step by step instructions provided in the advanced online Manuscript tracking manager(Manuscript Zone) to submit the manuscript.

For questions related to online submissions, or if you encounter difficulty uploading your manuscript, please contact the journal offices at Toll Free : 1-800-520-4889 (US & CANADA Only), or email the manuscript to us at [email protected]

For information on the peer review process please refer "peer review" page.

General Information

  1. The study should present the results of primary scientific research and it should not have been published elsewhere.
  2. Detailed description and high technical standards of experiments, statistics, and other analyses are required.
  3. Conclusions are to be presented in an appropriate fashion without any ambiguity along with the supported data.
  4. From the time of submission of article to the publication period Authors cannot distribute copies of manuscripts, or tables and figures from manuscripts. Authors may publish abstracts in conference proceedings.
  5. Plagiarism is considered unethical and a misconduct.

Note: You can submit a cover letter after logging in into your account, it is mandatory and processing of the manuscript commences only after the submission of cover letter. You can download it here

Formatting Manuscript

  1. All manuscripts must be submitted in Word format(.doc).
  2. Use 12-point Times New Roman font for the normal text.
  3. Use bold formatting for headings(16-point) and sub headings (14-point) to be appropriately distinguishable.
  4. Prepare figures at publication-quality resolution, using only applications capable of generating high-resolution TIFF or EPS files.
  5. Number each figure.
  6. Tables are to be numbered .
  7. File size of your manuscript should not exceed 10 MB(Total). Max Upload 2MB each file.

Open Access pub charges for the authors:

Even though we are dependent on the payments from the author publication charges to provide subscription free journals, we tend to charge only the appropriate amount.

Please note that the charges will be levied only for the accepted manuscripts. There are no submission charges. Click on the following link for further information regarding charges.


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